ConfigMgr OSD FrontEnd 1.5.1

ConfigMgr OSD FrontEnd has been developed with the goal to function in any environment, making the native operating system deployment experience with System Center Configuration Manager more unified and easy to use.

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  • OU Picker
    3 Posts | Last post June 04, 2018
    • Hi Nickolaj,
      Really loving this FrontEnd, looks great and works a treat. Is there any plans to add a function to choose the OU the computer gets put into? It seems to be quite a common feature across other frontends and would be great to have in yours as well
    • Hi Thomas,
      It's coming in version 1.4.0 that'll be released at the end of this month.
    • For now we fixed that by using a regionalconfig.xml with extra variables added to the xml. Not very flexible but since we want different types of systems to land into specific OU's it works.
      What would be nice is a part were you have a few boxes with selections like for instance the language you want to set for the UI or maybe a choice for the Office version you would like the install (x86 or x64). I know this kind of thing could also be fixed by just creating lots of regional choices and adding extra variables for the things you'd like to be variable in your TS but this would lead to a long list of regional configs to chose from. It would be nicer to have those checkboxes and when checking a box set a dynamic variable.
      And last but not least... an option to make the labels and titles in the frontend customizable so we can use the dutch language in the UI.
      Keep up the good work!
  • Computer is known in SCCM but computer name is left blank
    3 Posts | Last post June 04, 2018
    • Ever since using the tool I notcied sometimes that the computer name is left blank. We can click on details which shows what type of machine it is, the serial number and the mac address etc.
      We've set the options in the configuration to 
      ComputerNameFromMDT False 
      ComputerNameFromCM True 
      ComputerNameBySerial False 
      ComputerNameByScript False
      We've manually added this system to SCCM using the MAC address and added it to the collection used for deploying our task sequence.
      When we click next in the frontend we can select the task sequence and we can also start it. The task sequence does it's job and if we look at the logs we can see that the system is being deployed with the correct computername which was not visible in the frontend. When we retry the task sequence after succesfully having deployed it the computer name is visible in the frontend.
      After removing the system from SCCM and manually adding it the name is left blank again in the frontend, but the system goes through the right task sequences with the correct computer name so it is known to SCCM.
      I haven't tried it with other systems but it seems that after manually adding a system the system is known in SCCM but in the frontend it's left blank. After deploying it SCCM has far more information about the system and retrying the frontend returns the computer name instead of a blank one. Maybe the frontend looks at a parameter in SCCM which is still empty just after manually adding it?
      Do you have any idea why this is happening? Is there some debug log to check? It's a great tool but having empty computer names when the system is present in SCCM is a bit tricky when you want to use it in production.
    • Hi,
      What's the value of ComputerDetectionType? If you import it using MacAdress and this settings it set to UUID, it'll not detect it.
    • Here's a snippet from our config file
      <setting name="ComputerNameBySerial" serializeAs="String">
                  <setting name="ComputerNameByScript" serializeAs="String">
                  <setting name="ComputerNameFromMDT" serializeAs="String">
                  <setting name="ComputerNameFromCM" serializeAs="String">
                  <setting name="ComputerDetectionType" serializeAs="String">
      In the documentation it says
      There’s a new application setting named ComputerDetectionType that controls the property used from WMI when the frontend is attempting to identify the computer it’s running on. Previously, this was hard-coded for the UUID (SMBIOS GUID), but it can now be set to the MacAddress also, if needed.
      In your answer you say 'MacAdress' with only one D instead of two. Maybe a typo in the code? I'll try testing it tomorrow with only one D in the config file to see if that fixes the problem.
  • Deployment feature
    3 Posts | Last post May 18, 2018
    • First, I'd like to tell that this FrontEnd is amazing !
      Thanks a lot Nickolaj to share it with us.
      Next, I have a question regarding the Deployement feature.
      In the documentation, it's written: 
      See Troubleshooting section for this documentation if the list of available task sequences (named operating systems in the UI) is empty.
      But obviously, there's nothing related to this in the Troubleshooting section.
      And, for sure, I have an empty drop down list.
      My TS name has been set into the config file.
      Any track please ? (need some logs ?)
    • I'll answer myself :p
      Page 15 of the document : When ConfigMgr OSD FrontEnd retrieves available task sequence deployments, it does this by looking up if the device is known or unknown and determines what should be presented in the drop down box. Task sequence deployments needs to be configured as #hidden # for media or PXE, like in the example
    • Hehe glad you found that in the docs. It's kind of the point so that you can't circumvent the frontend as an application and get to task sequences without it.
  • GitHub Source
    2 Posts | Last post March 26, 2018
    • Hello! 
      We have been looking into implementing your OSD frontend. There's a few customizations our organization could use, but rather than simply request them I would be interested in assisting with development. Is this something you'd be interested in? 
    • Hi Al,
      I'm not going to open-source this for various reasons, one of them being that I've developed some of the features for customers that have agreed to share the outcome, but not the source code. I hope you understand, but please contact me at if you're interested in talking about building a custom version for your organization, I'd be happy to assist.
  • Authenticating Username Variable
    2 Posts | Last post March 26, 2018
    • Is there a way to pull the username typed into the authentication field, to a variable? I tattoo the registry with some pertinent bits of information, and I would like to be able to throw the username of the person that kicked it off into there as well.
    • Hi, not with the current version, but it sounds like a reasonable request. I'll add it to the list of features.
  • SMSTSUdaUsers not set
    2 Posts | Last post March 26, 2018
    • Hi.
      I´m having issues with the user section of the frontend.
      Using a script to dump all TS variables I can see that the frontend does not set the SMSTSUdaUsers variable. I can set the variable to a static value in the TS and verify that all works in the TS. I have also tried to use the ConfigMgr Webservice 1.5.0 to retrieve the user in PE using a PowerShell-script (using GetCMUser). This also works perfectly. The format of the username is DOMAIN\sAMAccountName using GetCMUser and just the sAMAccountName when using the User section in ConfigMgr OSD FrontEnd.
    • Hi Martin,
      I'm aware of this issue and will attempt to fix it in the upcoming version.
  • Computer Not Detected As Supported Model
    2 Posts | Last post March 26, 2018
    • Been working with the new FrontEnd and I am absolutely loving it!  However, I am running into one minor problem.  We deploy a majority of Dell systems on our network and while the majority of systems image no problem, we have a few problem children, the OptiPlex 780 and lower, such as the 760 and 755.  When the FrontEnd checks for a supported computer model during prefilght, it doesn't recognize the any of those models even though it is in the HWModels.txt list on our web server.  It will detect all other models except those.  I have verified it's name in the BIOS, made sure it was spelled correctly and checked permissions just to be safe.  It will even detect an OptiPlex 790 but nothing older than that.  Could this be a bug or am I missing something?  Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
    • Hi,
      This probably sounds like a bug. Could you email me at with the model data from BIOS and what you've put into the txt file?
  • Application Catagories
    2 Posts | Last post March 26, 2018
    • Let me start of by acknowledging this is very nit picky. After implementing the OSD FrontEnd 1.3.0 and the new way that it handles applications. Is there any way to sort the returned category results in alphabetical order? It appears to just grab them in the order that they were categorized in SCCM.
    • Hey, that's being worked on and will be fixed in an upcoming version.
  • Problems starting DaRT
    1 Posts | Last post February 21, 2018
    • Frontend doesn't launch DaRT successfully. An error comes up saying remote recovery could not initialize terminal services. 
      However I can either manually fire off PrestartCommand.ps1 or remoterecovery.exe and have it launch no problem. What am I missing?
  • Change Keyboard Layout for Frontend
    1 Posts | Last post February 21, 2018
    • How to change keyboard layout for Frontend? Especially needed for authentication. Default is English (United states).
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