ConfigMgr Remote Compliance can be used to view, evaluate and report on System Center Configuration Manager Compliance Baselines on a remote computer. It provides similar functionality to the Configurations tab of the Configuration Manager Control Panel, but for remote computers. It is a useful troubleshooting tool for remotely viewing client compliance, evaluating baselines, viewing the evaluation report or opening DCM log files from the client, without needing to access the target computer directly.


Change History

Version Date Changes
1.2 2017-March-15 - Fixed issue where "Update available" button did not display when new update available
1.1 2017-March-15 - Fixed issue where report does not generate when the application is run on an SCCM site server
- Fixed issue where a failed file hash check causes does not create the user message box
1.0 2017-March-15 - Initial Release

Source code is available on GitHub