ConfigMgr Store V1.3


ConfigMgr Store reached a cool 839 downloads before the download link was removed, due to System Center Store replacing it


Visit here to download System Center Store



Updated 17th May 2015 - Robert Marshall - V1.3


Updated 16th May 2015 - Robert Marshall - V1.2


Updated: 16th May 2015 - Robert Marshall - V1.1


A ConfigMgr resource download tool designed to make life simple for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Administrators.




CMStore lets you download multiple tools while onsite at a customer, without the need to remember URL's and do it yourself manually, and removes the need to plug in portable media to gain access to your toolkit (very dangerous!) while onsite, or, you can simply use the tool to bulk out your home toolkit.


A Manifest of tools is kept online and CMStore can check for a more recent Manifest on startup, updating your local manifest, so no need to repeatedly download the tool to keep up to date.


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