ConfigMgr Store V1.3

A ConfigMgr resource download tool designed to make life simple for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Administrators. CMStore lets you download multiple tools while onsite at a customer, without the need to remember URL's and do it yourself manually, and rem

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  • Looping in auto-update cycle
    8 Posts | Last post May 17, 2015
    • Doesn't work unfortunately - upon launch looping in the update cycle, multiplying the launched instances :(
      Thanks, Michael.
    • Open "CMSTORE.XML" file and change this line "<ManifestEXEVersion>1.2</ManifestEXEVersion>" to this line "<ManifestEXEVersion></ManifestEXEVersion>"
      Comparison algorithm thinks geater than 1.2 so it emters into a loop.
    • Which version do you have a problem with. 
      I released a V1.2 version for a few hours which didn't update properly. Can I ask you to download the kit again, and let me know if this repeats for you.
      maydaypc - I use a textual comparison for manifest exe version, so if X = Y you don't need upgrading, the only exception to this is for the manifest Identity, which is cast to an integer before being evaluated.
    • Dear Robert,
      I re-downloaded the Still enters into a update loop. When I manually change the the value of ManifestEXEVersion from 1.2 to (in CMSTORE.XML file) your program start working flawlessly. FYI
    • Very strange. Both values are cast as string, one is a constant within the tool, the manifest as you see is set to 1.2, I compare "1.2" with "1.2" and let you through, anything else such as "" would induce an update.
      I've looked over the source code, the online manifest, it all seems fine. The next time it prompts you to update can you say no and see what version the tool reports.
      Also run as administrator.
    • Just to add, the local manifest's ManifestExeVersion isn't considered by v1.2, so changing it won't make your tool update, at least that's how I've coded it. I have to change the web manifest ManifestExeVersion to anything other than the current version for it to trigger the update.
      I cannot reproduce here any of the behaviour you're describing :-(
    • Able to reproduce this now, working on a fix thanks for bringing this up maydaypc and mikw777
    • Should be fixed now in V1.4,
  • Is it possible to use subfolders to match the "Name" field?
    2 Posts | Last post May 16, 2015
    • I really like this utility.  Nice work Robert.
      As this utility's popularity grows, it might make organizing and finding the downloaded files easier.
    • Thank you feedback is always great to hear!
      The UI is going to need an overhaul, I wrote V1.0 over a day, the presentation layer suffered a bit eh :-) I'll give it major loving, total redesign at a later version. I auto updates so you shouldn't need to come back here for a new version.