This is the next generation (2019) background application for Configuration manager OSD Task sequences. It introduces a vast number of customizations as the entire background is generated from editable xaml files at runtime. All TS variables are at your disposal during the TS and it also (configurable) suppresses the built-in TSProgressDialog, instead the progress is shown embedded in the background.


TSBackground includes remote control (DaRT-isch) - installs as a single msi on you admin client. It works from start to finish of the deployment, not only in Windows PE.



2019-05-14, v. 1.0.19134.1

- Adjusted TS Variable grid in Debug mode.

- Better handling of cross time zone OSD.

- New variable: "TSBStartTimeUTC"

- Alternative launch method in PE (recommended).

- New launch method in full OS.

- New SMSTSPostAction command.

- Updated documentation. (READ IT or you risk failing)


2019-05-16, v. 1.0.19136.1

- x86 Task sequences where not launched properly.

- Limitations in "Path", could not contains the string "task".


2019-05-19, v. 1.0.19139.1


- Improved method to detect various boot scenarios, in the previous release boot from valid media was confused with boot from expired media, causing TSBackground to correct the start time when it shouldn't.


- Introduced a 5 second delay as a safety margin, TSBackground will now need a few moment extra to get operational.


2019-05-27, v. 1.0.19146.1

- Completely rewritten with regards to Progress presentation. Shows all messages and replaces progressbars.

- Make sure you read the updated documentation, especially if you where already using the previous version.


2019-06-07, v. 1.0.19158.1

- Improved method for launch in full OS (Unattand.xml, RunSynchronousCommand)

- Simplified _SMTSPostAction, one command only; restart computer.

- Updated Documentation.

-- Later the same day; corrected the "Design viewer" Layout folder and added a link to the manual (Available colors)


2019-06-20, v. 1.0.19171.1

- Auto copy to harddrive.

- Press F8 to activate Debug mode.

- Locks Alt-F4.

- Modified process creation in Full OS. (Intented to address "maximized windows closing" issue)

- Upgraders should pay special attention to the following sections of the manual:



 * 17.1. Additional config keys


2019-06-25, v. 1.0.19176.1

- Removed suppression of Alt-Tab


2019-06-27, v. 1.0.19178.1

- Improved sub progress status (sometimes sub-progress status wasn't updated on screen)


2019-07-05, v. 1.0.19185.1

- Added logging (Onevinn.TSBackground.log) that will be available in the SMSTSLog folder during OSD and in the CCM\Logs folder afterwards.

- Included 2 more Unattend files (Windows 7), these are not cleaned up but works in my lab and should be considered as examples.


2019-07-19, v. 1.0.19200.1

- Added Remote Control. (Read the manual carefully, also if upgrading, there are changes)



- Included some notes for "upgraders".

- The remote client "Picker" should now show SMS Errors if it fails to connect to the site server.



- Bugfix: "TSBackground Remote Control 1.0.19204.4.msi" - corrected a time conversion issue causing the "Picker" to not always show available deployments.


2019-07-23: v. 1.0.19218.1

- TS Variables flagged as hidden in TS editor are now hidden also in Debug mode.


2019-08-16: v. 1.0.19228.1

- Improved the detection of when to copy the application folder from RAM drive to HDD. (Only upgrade TSBackground.exe)