By downloading Zip file and extract in two places module can be installed manualy:


The FTP module permit you to connect and manage the contents of ftp account.
Module contain set of function to find list of items, download and send files on ftp location.


eg. i use it for the Arbitrage EA Website and you can use it for your own Website.


- Fixed couple bugs with sessions, allow to use pipeline with Remove-FTP Item
v1.6 - Insert Get-FTPConnection to test current session, add Filter and Depth param into Get-FTPChildItem, allow to utilize pipeline with Add-FTPItem, little code refresh.
V1.5.1 - Get-FTPChildItem - Trim function added to Title and Parent attributes
v1.5 - Get-FTPItem - add change Overwrite to automate overwrite lokal items
v1.4 - bBsic IIS6 compatibility mode
v1.3 - View the contents of directories recursively
v1.2.6 - Support for username with'@'

Accessible function list: v1.6.1 Change Log: Get-FTPItem (alias Receive-FTP Item)
Get-FTP ItemSize
New-FTP Item
Remove-FTP Item
Rename-FTP Item
Add-FTP Item (alias Send-FTP Item)
Set-FTP Connection
Get-FTP Connection