A simple Security and Compliance connector. Store this in a central place and add the path to your PATH Variables. This way you can connect to Security and Compliance or other services with one simple command. 

In this case: ConnectTo-Compliance

You can store you credentials so you don't need to login everytime. Supports storing in a central place.


    Connect to Office 365 Security and Compliance Center. Optional save credentials for autonomous execution 
    Connect to Security and Compliance Center. You can store your credentials in the script root. When  
    saved the script will connect automaticaly. if no credentials are found it will ask for them. 
    Connecting to Security and Compliance Center 
    Save credentials in the script root 
    .\ConnectTo-Compliance.ps1 -save 
    Version:        1.3 
    Author:         R. Mens 
    Blog:            http://lazyadmin.nl 
    Creation Date:  29 mrt 2017