Convert Files To UTF-8 Encoding (Bulk)

 This script copies and converts all files in source directory recursively to the destination directory and sets the encoding to UTF-8. The source file will not be touched or changed. Some tools require a certain file encoding especially when it comes to special characters. Ple

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  • Can your script be modified to create an exact duplicate directory structure?
    2 Posts | Last post November 24, 2017
    • Hi mate, 
      Love your script! Can it be modified slightly to recreate the exact file/folder structure that it reads from?
      For instance, I have the following ANSI files located in the below folder structure:
      I want to have the script read all files/folders in the ANSI directory (which is my source directory) and then have it write the exact file/folder structure to another directory. 
      Would you mind helping me with this? 
      Greatly appreciated!!
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