2016-05-18 - Fixed an issue where the ComputerName parameter was missing for the Get-WmiObject cmdlets on row 253.

About the console extension

This tool will allow for administrators to quickly and easily create a Software Update Group containing Software Updates determined by a set of Products and Classifications within a specific time span. In order for the tool to function properly, a name with a length of at least 1 character is required, in addition to at least a single Product and Classification. A time span, with a start date default set to 1st of January of the current year and an end date set default to the 31st of December of the current year, is required. The start date of the time span is now allowed to be greater than or equal to the same value as for the end date. By default, the tool will exclude superseded and expired updates, however if wanted, this can be overruled by checking the corresponding check boxes.


You can find the complete documentation and installation instructions here.