Write-Host "Choose cluster operation mode" 
Write-Host "1 - Unicast" 
Write-Host "2 - Multicast" 
Write-Host "3 - IGMP Multicast" 
switch (Read-Host "Enter the number for your chosen operation mode") 
1 {$OperationMode = "unicast"} 
2 {$OperationMode = "multicastcast"} 
3 {$OperationMode = "igmpmulticast"} 
default {Write-Warning "Invalid option, choose '1', '2' or '3'";return} 

this script is creating a windows server network load balancing farm in powershell. as this a simple script and can me modified to your needs.


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the script does not run unattended as there is manual input but you can make this sticky. there are a few variables in the script that need to be adjusted to your own needs. the cluster name,IP,etc