This PowerShell script sample creates a shortcut to a Web App using Edge as browser, and has been designed to be deployed using Intune. Unlike the default 'web link' deployment in Intune, which is limited to deploying web apps to the start menu using the default browser's icon, the PowerShell approach provides a more advanced way of deploying web apps, including to the desktop and using a custom icon.

For more information how to implement this solution, please refer to my blog post at  

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How to deploy a Web App using the PowerShell script?

  1. Modify the parameter values to your needs;
        [string]$ShortcutName         = "My Apps", 
        [string]$ShortcutUrl          = "", 
        [string]$ShortcutIconLocation = "", 
        [bool]$ShortcutOnDesktop      = $true, 
        [bool]$ShortcutInStartMenu    = $true 
  2. Upload the PowerShell script to Intune;
  3. Assign the PowerShell script to one or more Azure Active Directory groups that contain the users whose devices receive the script;