This scripts creates a new shared mailbox (aka team mailbox) and security groups for full access and and send-as delegation. The security groups are created using a naming convention. If required by your Active Directory team, you can add group prefixes or department abbreviations as well.

The script uses a Xml configuration file to simplify changes for variables unique for your environment.

High level steps executes by the script:

  1. Create a new shared mailbox
  2. Create a new mail enabled security group for full access delegation
  3. Assign full access security group for full access to the shared mailbox
  4. Create a new mail enabled security group for send-as delegation
  5. Assign send-as permissions to send-as security group

Xml configuration file


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<?xml version="1.0"?> 
<Settings    <GroupSettings        <Prefix>pre_</Prefix> 
    <AccountSettings        <TargetOU></TargetOU> 
    <GeneralSettings        <Sleep>10</Sleep> 

You can find the most recent version at GitHub:


Read the associated blog post for more details and comments here.

The TechNet Gallery download contains:




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    Creates a new shared mailbox, security groups for full access and send-as permission  
    and adds the security groups to the shared mailbox configuration. 
    Thomas Stensitzki  
    Version 1.1, 2016-12-20 
    Please send ideas, comments and suggestions to  
    More information can be found at 
    This scripts creates a new shared mailbox (aka team mailbox) and security groups 
    for full access and and send-as delegation. Security groups are created using a 
    naming convention. 
    - Windows Server 2012 R2  
    - Exchange 2013/2016 Management Shell (aka EMS) 
    Revision History  
    1.0 Initial community release 
    1.1 Prefix seperator added, PowerShell hygiene  
    .PARAMETER TeamMailboxName 
    Name attribute of the new team mailbox 
    .PARAMETER TeamMailboxDisplayName 
    Display name attribute of the new team mailbox 
    .PARAMETER TeamMailboxAlias 
    Alias attribute of the new team mailbox 
    .PARAMETER TeamMailboxSmtpAddress 
    Primary SMTP address attribute the new team mailbox 
    .PARAMETER DepartmentPrefix 
    Department prefix for automatically generated security groups (optional) 
    .PARAMETER GroupFullAccessMembers 
    String array containing full access members 
    .PARAMETER GroupFullAccessMembers 
    String array containing send as members 
    Create a new team mailbox, empty full access and empty send-as security groups 
    .\New-TeamMailbox.ps1 -TeamMailboxName "TM-Exchange Admins" -TeamMailboxDisplayName "Exchange Admins" -TeamMailboxAlias "TM-ExchangeAdmins" -TeamMailboxSmtpAddress "" -DepartmentPrefix "IT" 
param ( 
    [parameter(Mandatory=$true,HelpMessage='Team Mailbox Name')] 
    [parameter(Mandatory=$true,HelpMessage='Team Mailbox Display Name')] 
    [parameter(Mandatory=$true,HelpMessage='Team Mailbox Alias')] 
        [string]$TeamMailboxSmtpAddress = '', 
        [string]$DepartmentPrefix = '', 
        $GroupFullAccessMembers = @(''), 
        $GroupSendAsMember = @() 
# Script Path 
$scriptPath = Split-Path -Parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path 
if(Test-Path -Path "$($scriptPath)\Settings.xml") { 
    # Load Script settings 
    [xml]$Config = Get-Content -Path "$($scriptPath)\Settings.xml" 
    Write-Verbose -Message 'Loading script settings' 
    # Group settings 
    $groupPrefix = $Config.Settings.GroupSettings.Prefix 
    $groupSendAsSuffix = $Config.Settings.GroupSettings.SendAsSuffix 
    $groupFullAccessSuffix = $Config.Settings.GroupSettings.FullAccessSuffix 
    $groupTargetOU = $Config.Settings.GroupSettings.TargetOU 
    $groupDomain = $Config.Settings.GroupSettings.Domain 
    $groupPrefixSeperator = $Config.Settings.GroupSettings.Seperator 
    # Team mailbox settings 
    $teamMailboxTargetOU = $Config.Settings.AccountSettings.TargetOU 
    # General settings 
    $sleepSeconds = $Config.Settings.GeneralSettings.Sleep 
    Write-Verbose -Message 'Script settings loaded'     
else { 
    Write-Error -Message 'Script settings file settings.xml missing' 
    exit 99 
# Add department prefix to group prefix, if configured 
if($DepartmentPrefix -ne '') { 
    # Change pattern as needed 
    $groupPrefix = ('{0}{1}{2}' -$groupPrefix$DepartmentPrefix$groupPrefixSeperator) 
# Create shared team mailbox 
Write-Verbose -Message "New-Mailbox -Shared -Name $($TeamMailboxName) -Alias $($TeamMailboxAlias)" 
if ($TeamMailboxSmtpAddress -ne '')  
    New-Mailbox -Shared -Name $TeamMailboxName -Alias $TeamMailboxAlias -OrganizationalUnit $teamMailboxTargetOU -PrimarySmtpAddress $TeamMailboxSmtpAddress -DisplayName $TeamMailboxDisplayName | Out-Null 
    New-Mailbox -Shared -Name $TeamMailboxName -Alias $TeamMailboxAlias -OrganizationalUnit $teamMailboxTargetOU -DisplayName $TeamMailboxDisplayName | Out-Null 
# Create Full Access group 
$groupName = ('{0}{1}{2}' -$groupPrefix$TeamMailboxAlias$groupFullAccessSuffix$notes = ('FullAccess for mailbox: {0}' -$TeamMailboxName$primaryEmail = ('{0}@{1}' -$groupName$groupDomain) 
Write-Host "Creating new FullAccess Group: $($groupName)" 
Write-Verbose -Message "New-DistributionGroup -Name $($groupName) -Type Security -OrganizationalUnit $($groupTargetOU) -PrimarySmtpAddress $($primaryEmail)" 
if(($GroupFullAccessMembers | Measure-Object).Count -ne 0) { 
    Write-Host "Creating FullAccess group and adding members: $($groupName)" 
    New-DistributionGroup -Name $groupName -Type Security -OrganizationalUnit $groupTargetOU -PrimarySmtpAddress $primaryEmail -Members $GroupFullAccessMembers -Notes $notes | Out-Null 
    Start-Sleep -Seconds $sleepSeconds 
    # Hide FullAccess group from GAL 
    Set-DistributionGroup -Identity $primaryEmail -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $true 
else { 
    Write-Host "Creating empty FullAccess group: $($groupName)" 
    New-DistributionGroup -Name $groupName -Type Security -OrganizationalUnit $groupTargetOU -PrimarySmtpAddress $primaryEmail -Notes $notes | Out-Null 
    Start-Sleep -Seconds $sleepSeconds 
    # Hide FullAccess group from GAL     
    Set-DistributionGroup -Identity $primaryEmail -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $true 
# Add full access group to mailbox permissions 
Write-Verbose -Message "Add-MailboxPermission -Identity $($TeamMailboxName) -User $($primaryEmail)" 
Add-MailboxPermission -Identity $TeamMailboxName -User $primaryEmail -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType all | Out-Null 
# Create Send As group 
$groupName = ('{0}{1}{2}' -$groupPrefix$TeamMailboxAlias$groupSendAsSuffix$notes = ('SendAs for mailbox: {0}' -$TeamMailboxName$primaryEmail = ('{0}@{1}' -$groupName$groupDomain) 
Write-Host "Creating new SendAs Group: $($groupName)" 
Write-Verbose -Message "New-DistributionGroup -Name $($groupName) -Type Security -OrganizationalUnit $($groupTargetOU) -PrimarySmtpAddress $($primaryEmail)" 
if(($GroupSendAsMember | Measure-Object).Count -ne 0) { 
    Write-Host "Creating SendAs group and adding members: $($groupName)" 
    New-DistributionGroup -Name $groupName -Type Security -OrganizationalUnit $groupTargetOU -PrimarySmtpAddress $primaryEmail -Members $GroupSendAsMember -Notes $notes | Out-Null 
    Start-Sleep -Seconds $sleepSeconds 
    # Hide SendAs from GAL 
    Set-DistributionGroup -Identity $primaryEmail -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $true 
else { 
    Write-Host "Not empty SendAs group: $($groupName)" 
    New-DistributionGroup -Name $groupName -Type Security -OrganizationalUnit $groupTargetOU -PrimarySmtpAddress $primaryEmail -Notes $notes | Out-Null 
    Start-Sleep -Seconds $sleepSeconds 
    # Hide SendAs from GAL 
    Set-DistributionGroup -Identity $primaryEmail -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $true 
# Add SendAs permission 
Write-Verbose -Message "Add-ADPermission -Identity $($TeamMailboxName) -User $($groupName)" 
Add-ADPermission -Identity $TeamMailboxName -User $groupName -ExtendedRights 'Send-As' | Out-Null 
Write-Host "Script finished. Team mailbox $($TeamMailboxName) created."