Use this Powershell script to create an HDInsight cluster in Microsoft Azure.
This script allow you to create your cluster by completing the following procedures :

  1. Create an Azure resource group
  2. Create an Azure storage account
  3. Create an Azure blob container
  4. Create an HDInsight cluster

(You must have an Azure subscription and Powershell installed)

Windows Shell Script
$resourceGroupName = "oeresource" 
$location = "West Europe" 
$storageAccountName = "s$resourceGroupName" 
$containerName = "hdp$resourceGroupName" 
$clusterName = $containerName 
$clusterNodes = 1 
$httpUserName = "HDUser" 
$sshUserName = "SSHUser" 
$password = ConvertTo-secureString "MyPassword" -AsPlainText -Force 
#Create a resource group 
New-AzureRmResourceGroup -Name $resourceGroupName -Location $location 
#Create a storage account 
Write-Host "Creating storage account..." 
New-AzureRmStorageAccount -Name $storageAccountName -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroupName -Type "Standard_GRS" -Location $location 
#Create a Blob storage container 
Write-Host "Creating container..." 
$storageAccountKey = Get-AzureRmStorageAccountKey -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroupName -Name $storageAccountName | %{ $_[0].Value } 
$destContext = New-AzureStorageContext -StorageAccountName $storageAccountName -StorageAccountKey $storageAccountKey 
New-AzureStorageContainer -Name $containerName -Context $destContext 
#Create a cluster 
Write-Host "Creating HDInsight cluster..." 
$httpCredential = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential ($httpUserName$password$sshCredential = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential ($sshUserName$password) 
New-AzureRmHDInsightCluster -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroupName -ClusterName $clusterName -ClusterType Hadoop -version 3.3 -Location $location -DefaultStorageAccountName "$" -DefaultStorageAccountKey $storageAccountKey -DefaultStorageContainer $containerName -ClusterSizeInNodes $clusterNodes -OSType Linux -HttpCredential $httpCredential -SshCredential $sshCredential 
Write-Host "Finished...!"