It becomes so challenging to describe Cryptography to normal people or even to IT colleagues. I was asked to present couple of PowerPoint slides for 20 minutes to introduce this topic to couple of developers, so that they will have some sense of responsibility to enhance their code security.

It is so hard to explain this topic to people, as it requires a lot of reading, mathematic understanding, history tracking and other skills, to get the right understanding of how cryptography works. It is one of the most sophisticated and interesting topics as far as i can see nowadays. Everyone is using encryption all the time while surfing the internet for example, or connecting to a wireless network.

Nevertheless, it is worth the effort to introduce this topic in simple, yet effective way. I tried my best to introduce two important concepts which are : Encryption and Hashing in this presentation. I feel it is harder to introduce hashing and get people to understand the concept. Encryption seems easier to me.