Custom notifications that can be used in an OS Upgrade task sequence in ConfigMgr.

Contains PowerShell scripts and an example task sequence that demonstrates how to use them, as described on my blog:


Change History

v1.3 | 19th Feb 2018 | Updated the "Upgrade Complete" notification so that it can display the version upgraded to dynamically using info from the registry and the environment. The URLs can also be removed or updated simply by changing the parameters in the "Show-UpgradeSuccessfulNotification.ps1" script. The failure notification scripts will still need to be manually updated for each new version, however.

v1.2 | 24th Nov 2017 | Upgrade Successful notification now displays for non-admin users. Custom background now displays on all screens where multiple monitors are in use.

v1.0 | 21st Nov 2017 | Intial Release