This Script will read all Tapes in SCDPM, doesnt matter if they are in the Library or outside. So you will get a List of all your Tapes with

At the End yout get additional Informations about

More Informations:



Name: GetDPMTapeList.ps1                             
Creator: Michael Seidl aka Techguy                   
CreationDate: 17.01.2014                             
Version: 1.3                                        

Version 1.3 - FIX: small fix with wrong ExpireDates
                   CHANGE: Get all Tapes they are known by SCDPM and list if Offsite or note with expire Date
                   CHANGE: If Slot ist 0, Tape is Outside
                   CHANGE: Gives you an Advice what to do with the Tapes, put it back in or store the Tape outside
                   CHANGE: writes additional Informations at the End, How many free, expired and Cleaner Tapes

Version 1.2 - CHANGE: Input of Tapes to an Array
                   CHANGE: Sort Ouput by Expire Date
Version 1.1 - FIX: Format the Output ExpireDate
                   CHANGE: DPMServer takes local Computername
                   CHANGE: File will be saved at Script Location

Version 1.0 - RTM