This is the first edition of this book, it’s a beta edition, Me and the other contributors in this book wrote it without any external support, we did our best to make it useful to the reader. You may find some mistakes from language side or technical side, it will be our pleasure to hear from you. To contact us please send us an email to ; we will try to improve it in next version.

This book took around seven months to be completed, some commands or procedures may be changed as cloud technology grow rapidly and changed every day, the most important thing that we focused in the concept more than “HOW TO”, even if you find anything got changes most likely the concept is the same and this is what we tried to achieve in this book to demonstrate the concept.

We got assistance from Microsoft article in some parts, we admit that the content of this book is no 100% from our minds, sometimes we found that Microsoft or other sites explain the idea better than us so we take some texts from these articles.

Again, in this book we didn’t assume that you will master the implementation of Azure identities after reading this book, we only focusing in the concept so we expect that the reader will be able to understand the concept behind Azure AD, for that we assumed that the reader should have a little background in below topics:

Basic experience in Active Directory.

Basic experience in cloud solutions.

Basic experience in federation services such as AD FS.

Below are the references we used in this book:

Last thing to mention here, I used in this book Arabic names in most of the examples, the reason why I did this that most of the technology books in the world was used English names and I feel that it’s the time to spread the Arabic names across the world. Most of the names mentioned in the examples are real names of my colleagues in STS company.