A NEW Dell Warranty Bulk-Import Tool.  You will need a certified Dell API Key to use this.  If you do not have one, you should get started with SCCM Warranty Extension for Dell Computers

PLEASE NOTE: This software is not published by DELL.

Import all of your Dell warranty data without violating Dell v4 API Limitations.  The download also includes a SQL Server Reporting Services Report that can be imported into SCCM.  This script has been tested in an environment with approximately 15,000 devices.

  1. Open the Powershell script and follow the instructions at the top
    1. Create the database table with provided T-SQL
    2. Grant required permissions
    3. Configure the script
    4. Setup a scheduled task
  2. Import the SSRS report
    1. Open the report from Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder
    2. Generate a new Data Source
      1. Right-click 'Data Sources' and choose 'Add Data Source'
      2. Select 'Use a shared connection or report model'
      3. Select the auto-generated connection and click 'Test Connection'
      4. Click OK
    3. Refresh the datasets to use the new connection
      1. Expand the 'Datasets' node
      2. View the properties of each dataset and click the button 'Refresh Fields', then click 'OK'
    4. Run the report
    5. Save the report
      1. In the save dialog, if your SCCM repository is not automatically selected, navigate to 'http://<site server name>/ReportServer'
      2. Drill down from there to the location you would like to save the report

Check out SCCM Warranty Extension for Dell Computers

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