Here it is, a NEW Warranty Tool for Dell Computers.  Now with SANDBOX MODE to help you get your API Key certified by Dell.  See "Installer command-line parameters" below.

PLEASE NOTE: This software is not published by Dell.

This plugin is similar to my LAPS extension for SCCM.  This extension works specifically with the Dell Warranty V4 API.  To use this you must obtain a production API key from Dell (see below).

Once you have your API key, you can install this extension and easily access Dell Warranty data for all of your computers from within the SCCM console.  A button will be added to the ribbon, and the right-click menu, when a computer-object is selected.  It's easy to install, and easy to package as well, simply run the executable with command line parameters to perform a silent install.

You must provide your API key to install this extension, the key will be encrypted and stored within the application.  The API key will be validated with the Dell API service during installation and will not proceed without a valid key.



Installer command-line parameters:

  1. /? Displays the help screen
  2. /s Suppresses all user interaction
  3. /u Removes the extension (uninstall)
  4. /k:[APIkey] Passes in the API key (required for a silent install)
  5. /t Testing, installs in SANDBOX MODE (required for Dell API Key certification)

Request a Dell API key

Per Dell, the API is now part of the Dell TechDirect service offering.  As such, enrollment in TechDirect is required.  Check the following web page or contact your Dell Representive to start the process.


Verified with SCCM 2012 R2 CU1 and builds: 1511, 1602, 1606.

Additional Screens:



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