This is a script template that can be used to deploy any application from Azure Storage with Intune, PowerShell and Bits.

Check out my blog post for more details and instructions on how to use at


#region Configuration 
# The Azure Blob Storage Account and Container where all required installer files are available at. 
$StorageAccountName = 'mystorageaccountname' 
$Container          = 'mystoragecontainer' 
# SasToken to access the Azure Blob Storage account. Requires at least Read + List permissions 
$SasToken = 'mysastoken' 
# Installer file and arguments passed to install the application. 
$ApplicationSetupFile = 'myapplication.exe' 
$ApplicationArguments = '/S' 
#endregion Configuration
    Installs ApplicationName.
    Install-ApplicationName.ps1 will download the application installation files from Azure Storage and silently install the application.
    Author:  John Seerden (
    Version: 1.0
    1. Make sure to modify the configuration region;
    2. Installation files in Azure Blob Storage container;
    3. Azure Blob Storage SAS Token with Read & List permissions;
    4. If the application requires Administrator privileges, run in SYSTEM context to prevent the script from hanging on UAC prompts.
    5. Assign script to an Azure AD group containing users;
    Script steps:
    1. Installs the NuGet Package Provider;
    2. Trusts the PSGallery Repository;
    3. Installs the AzureRM.Storage Module;
    4. Downloads installation files from Azure Blob Storage to a temp directory using BITS;
    5. Silently installs the application;
    6. Cleans up installation files.