**28/6/2017 Update to 0.8.7 to enable/disable write zeros(-Z parameter)**
**2/5/2017 Update to 0.8.6 to fix "out-file" bug**
**3/4/2017 Update to 0.8.5 to enable/disable caching (-Sh parameter)**
**5/6/2016 Update to 0.8.4 to support diskspd version 2.0.17**


Microsoft released diskspd beginning 2015 and called it “a Robust Storage Testing Tool”.

I’ve used this program a lot lately, although it is a great storage testing tool I missed an easy interface to start a few tests and a nice report afterwards.

Introducting DiskSpeed:


The tool is completely build in Powershell using Winforms and lets you set all important parameters used in diskspd.


-        Predefined profiles in there so you can just start the tool and run it.

-        Up to 10 tests

-        Ability to import and export config for later use

-        Results directly in the GUI

-        CSV export for use in excel

-        Fancy HTML export:






This GUI will help you with running diskspd and only interpret the output givin by the diskspd.exe and show it in a nice way.
For support on diskspd.exe, please visit  http://blogs.technet.com/b/josebda/archive/2014/10/13/diskspd-powershell-and-storage-performance-measuring-iops-throughput-and-latency-for-both-local-disks-and-smb-file-shares.aspx  or http://aka.ms/DiskSpd

This is version 0.8.x, there might still be some bugs in it.

Feel free to contribute :)