One of the new and exciting features of SharePoint Server 2010 is “Document ID Service”.

Business Issue

Many clients complained that MOSS document management suffered from two features which were inexcusable:

1. Lack of unique identifiers for documents: This is really important in any Document Management System, in particular in Records Management

2. URL’s to documents containing location information: If you have a look at MOSS/WSS document URL’s they contained a location, move a document to any different location and you lose the link! This is a major shortcoming in an ECM system as we are now forced to look for documents based on location, rather than on metadata.

Many people asked for unique numbering in documents and content within SharePoint 2007, now this all comes out of the box in SP 2010! In addition you can also create your own DocumentID by overriding the DocumentIDProvider abstract class so you can have whatever format of Document ID’s that you like! What this means is that now SharePoint offers the following:

   1. Unique numbering for documents which you can format in any way

  2. You can now store documents in any location and they will still be able to be referenced by the original URL that it is assigned.

  3. From  compliance, Records  Management and Document Management perspective this ensure a unique identifier that can trace the document, through the entire DM lifecycle.

  4. Documents keep their original ID across Sites, Site Collections and even Web Applications.

Business Value

 Potentially huge! The Document ID service fixes a whole bunch of issues related to ECM but in terms of business value:

1. Time and cost savings from users having to look for documents when incorrect URL’s aresent

2. Integration into  an existing unique numbering system is now possible, great news for clients that are using existing DM systems

3. Intelligent numbering. This offers up some really interesting possibilities into creating unique identifiers that actually have information stored about the document contained within the id.

In brief the Advantages,      

 Generate a unique ID to each documents in the document library

 Enable the users to search the documents using unique ID

 Create custom document ID by extending the document ID provider

Let’s walkthrough on how to enable the Document ID Service and to create a custom Document ID Service.Document ID Service is a site collection feature and it is not activated by default. So, first if we want to use the document ID feature, we need to activate that feature.