Document your Lync 2013 installation

This is a simple script I tried to put together for my self, in need for a better documentation of all the insatllations I go through.This script does three things: It gathers a lot of settings, polices and information, and dumps it to HTML files It creates a mini-backup of the

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  • Thanks
    1 Posts | Last post February 06, 2018
    • 2,600 Downloaded, but only three/four said "Thanks Lasse, great job..." 
      Much appreciated your help for making such a huge work for us, to get it with few clicks... 
  • Feature request: index.html
    2 Posts | Last post February 29, 2016
    • This script is great!
      At one of our customers, we use this script to read out the documentation once a week and publish it on a webserver. 
      For this, I had to modify the script to not include the dates in the filenames, so I could use a static index.html file.
      I would like to ask if you could include the generation of an index.html file in your script so that the results can be published on a webserver automatically.
      Thank you very much!
      Kind regards
    • Sorry for the late reply, I'll put it on the request-list.
  • Thanks and a WinRM error
    4 Posts | Last post June 11, 2015
    • Lasse, thanks for this. I have run it for a multi site with multiple pool topologies, also a combination of Lync server 2013  and Skype 4 Business 2015.
      We have an edge server that is not joined to the domain and we get this Winrm error. Have any ideas on how to fix it?
      Can resolve this machine.
      rying to run query on remote station:
      [] Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message : WinRM cannot 
      process the request. The following error occurred while using Kerberos authentication: Cannot find the computer 
      Verify that the computer exists on the network and that the name provided is spelled correctly. For more information, see the about_Remote_Troubleshooting Help topic.
          + CategoryInfo          : OpenError: ( [], PSRemotingTransportException
          + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Network
      Trying to run query on remote station:
    • Hi,
      This is actually an expected error. And I was wondering if i should exclude the edge servers from my collection or not. There are several reasons why the script can't connect with WinRM. I left it in the script to remind me (and others) of the existence of the server, and the fact we couldn't gather the information.
      In order to connect with WinRM, you need to run the script as a user with logon rights to the edge server and the ports required by WinRM needs to be open. This is usually never the case, as most deployments use a firewall between the FE and Edge, and leave the edge as a non-domain joined.
      It is safe to "ignore" this error, and document the installed bits of the edge server differently. If I do come up with a clever way to solve it, I will let you know.
    • Thanks Lasse
      I am no expert with Powershell. But is it possible for the script to prompt for credentials if it finds any Edge servers. This way one can pass on the require logon credentials.
    • Hi again,
      Sure the script could be modified.
      I will add it on my request list, and look into it ;)
  • Thanks
    2 Posts | Last post August 19, 2014
    • Lasse, wonderful script. Used it many times and always forgot to pop in and leave a note. Thank you.
    • Agreed with Alessio, thank you!