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Windows Server 2008 introduces one of the coolest features in AD, being IMHO the Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC). The main goal of the RODC is to improve the AD security and to mitigate risks. It is therefore also preferably deployed at the perimeter of the network. Based upon that, three different scenarios/deployments exist:

With regards to the RODC, Microsoft created a planning and deployment guide. This guide can be found here. Additionally Microsoft also released a RODC Compatibility Pack which can be found here.

The RODC needs to be able to "talk" to a writable W2K8 DC (W2K8 RWDC) for replication, authentication forwarding, etc. In all three scenarios it is very feasible to place a firewall between RWDCs and RODCs, whereas only one or more RODCs can talk to one or more RWDCs. Clients and servers can make LDAP writes, which refer a client to a RWDC, or special writes which are forwarded by the RODC to an RWDC. For more info about this see the presentations HERE and HERE.

Joining clients to an AD domain is such an operation for which you normally require to contact an RWDC. However, in those scenarios where the Branch Office has been separated from the Datacenter by a firewall so that only the RODC can contact an RWDC, you cannot join clients in the normal way against an RODC. The reason? Well, only the RODC can contact an RWDC and the clients/servers cannot. Another way is to join the computer in the datacenter first and then ship it to the Branch Office. However, that may not be feasible. Another way is to join the computer against the RODC with a workaround. The steps for that are explained below.

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