Driver Backup and Management Tool

This simple application allows you to backup Third drivers in order to be imported later in MDT, SCCM or a smiple backup folder.

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  • Source Code
    1 Posts | Last post July 16, 2019
    • I need to do few modification for my requirement, can you help with the source code. 
  • Getting an error while running the tool on a Dell Precision T7600
    1 Posts | Last post August 16, 2017
    • Hello, I am getting an error when I run the Driver Backup and Management Tool on  a Dell Precision T7600 with Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit v1703 CB. 
      Here is what I did to get this error:
      1. download the Driver Management file
      2. unzip the file into a folder on my desktop
      3. I double click on DriverMgmt.exe 
      4. The driver management tool opens and starts to run
      5. It runs for a few seconds, then I get a error screen with a red circle and X saying:
      Property MatchingDeviceId does not exist at path
      6. I click ok, in the error box
      7. A small windows appears that says:
      DriverMgmt has stopped working
      8. I click, close the program
      Is there a way to fix this? Because I would like to use this tool on my Dell Precision T7600.