This set of powershell functions collates and generates reports upon system information it gathers. Information gathered includes hardware health, system information, networking information and much much more. Multiple types of html reports can be generated and all data can be exported directly to an excel workbook, saved as reports, and emailed.

The reports are highly customizable and currently come with two example data sets. One for daily system reports which contains less overall information. And another, far more inclusive, system documentation report. The html output can be highly customized as well. Currently there is a dynamic grid html report based on responsive design templates as well as a less glitzy email capable html format. The report data can also be returned directly to an excel workbook where several sheets will automatically populate and be formated for easier reading and further manipulating.


Generate system asset reports in multiple formats including:

Highly customizable 

Report Data

Sections included in the system asset report include:

Version Info

1.1.0 - 09/22/2013

1.0.0 - 09/15/2013

1.0.0 - 09/09/2013

1.0.0 - 09/08/2013


I will write a whole bunch more on this project soon. For now I'm uploading a beta version of this monstrosity I've come up with as a placeholder for more to come ;) For now here are a few screenshots to go along with this massive bit of code I've uploaded. 


One of the excel sheets


The HP hardware health section of an html report:

A summary section of an html report:

A disk usage html report section:


Here is the final function call needed to generate a report on the local system. See the attached file for the entire script.


# Generate HTML reports on remote servers using alternate credentials 
$Servers = @('Server1','Server2'$cred = get-credential 
./New-AssetReport.ps1 -Computers $Servers -Credential $cred -Verbose