This script will generate a report of the Exchange 2010 Public Folder Environment and Replication status. This blog post is the basis for checking the replication, which is comparing item counts of each public folder. This report returns general information, such as total number of public folders, total items in all public folders, total size of all items, the top 10 largest folders, and more. Additionally, it lists each Public Folder and the replication status on each server. By default, this script will scan the entire Exchange environment in the current domain and all public folders. This can be limited by using the -ComputerName and -FolderPath parameters.

Please note: this is an updated version of this script, published by a different contributor. We were unable to reach the contributor to make a correction to the original script. If you are the original script contributor and would like to update the original script, please contact ninob AT microsoft DOT com.

The blog post talking about this script use as a part of public folder migration planning can be found here: