This guide will help you understand Microsoft Exchange 2016 and how to configure the services. In version 1 i've included the step by step guide to install the first Exchange 2016. We discussed about exchange requirements, compatability and installation process that anyone can follow and made their exchange 2016 infrastructure up and running.


As Exchange 2016 is currently in "Preview", we do not recommend to deploy Exchange 2016 in production.

Attached guide contains the following information.

1. Exchange 2016 Installation Step by Step

2. Exchange 2016 SSL Certificate

3. Exchange 2016 Accepted Domains

4. Exchange 2016 Post Installation Configuration

5. Exchange 2016 Edge Transport server role installation

6. Configuration of Exchange 2016 Edge Transport Server Role


In future updates, I'll update the remaining Exchange 2016 configurations and keep it up to date.