This PowerShell script is run using the Exchange Management Shell and produces a HTML report in the same folder where the script is run from.

The report contains the details of the SSL certificates installed on the Exchange servers in the organization. Report details include certificate names, issuing CAs, expiry dates, and the services the certificates are bound to.


[PS] C:\Scripts\Exchange2013Planning>.\CertificateReport.ps1 
Server: BR-EX2010-MB (Mailbox, ClientAccess, HubTransport) 
Server: HO-EX2010-MB1 (Mailbox, ClientAccess, HubTransport) 
Server: HO-EX2010-MB2 (Mailbox, ClientAccess, HubTransport) 
Server: HO-EX2010-PF (Mailbox)

Example output:

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