This powershell script that makes use of a local Outlook client "listening in" on the SCSM Workflow account mailbox searching for messages with a unique class of a phone system (in this case Interactive Intelligence, IPM.Note.i3Vox). However the script as you'll see can easily be tailored to grab other message classes or make use of other conditional logic to create Incidents inside of Service Manager. To setup the scenario for this...


1. You'll need Outlook installed on a machine that you can trust to always be on so this script is always running (i.e. a virtual machine)
2. The account that is going to run this script/be logged into the machine is your SCSM Workflow account or the account that is responsible for receiving email to in turn create your Work Items in SCSM. It's typically the Workflow account, but it's possible you could have made it something else.
3. You'll need the open source SMlets also installed on said machine. They are available on codeplex here.