Export and Import SharePoint 2013 Design Packages with PowerShell

The both script files included in this package enable you to export and import SharePoint 2013 Design Packages using PowerShell. Pipelining can be used with both function to automate export and import processes even for large environments.

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  • Trick to getting it to run a second time
    1 Posts | Last post March 18, 2016
    • Ran fine the first time. Next time I needed to import a new version, I get success false, inputfilefound false.
      I am using the hashtable.
  • Anyone tested export from Sharepoint 2007?
    2 Posts | Last post March 11, 2015
    • I'm attempting export and import to a test environment
      1. What kind of preupgrade/configuration/database testing needs to be done on the 2008 Server? 
      2. Should the design package be downloaded to the import server or to local computer? 
      - M
    • Thanks
  • Got an installation error in importing the design package to search site
    4 Posts | Last post February 04, 2015
    • I have a search site collection and when I import the design package, I am getting the following error,
      InstallError            : System.Management.Automation.MethodInvocationExceptio
                                n: Exception calling "Install" with "3" argument(s): 
                                "An event receiver has canceled the request." ---> 
                                Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: An event receiver 
                                has canceled the request. ---> 
                                System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: <nativeh
                                event receiver has canceled the request.
                                   at Microsoft.SharePoint.Library.SPRequestInternalC
                                lass.PutFile(String bstrUrl, String 
                                bstrWebRelativeUrl, Object punkFile, Int64 cbFile, 
                                Object punkSPFileMgr, Object punkFFM, Int64 
                                PutFileOpt, String bstrCreatedBy, String 
      which event receiver in the search site can causing this? the same design package worked well for publishing site. I have checked the search site, the publishing infrastructure feature is enabled as well.
    • same probleme here! Did you find a solution?
    • am also face the same error... 
    • Did anyone find a solution to this issue?
  • Error Thrown in PowerShell
    2 Posts | Last post June 14, 2013
    • When it gets to "[Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.DesignPackage]::Export" on Export, it throws this error: "Error copying temporary solution file to solutions gallery".
    • Do you have permissions on the solution gallery?
  • Error Using Scripts
    2 Posts | Last post March 21, 2013
    • Hi,
      The script seems to be throwing some errors when I try to use them : it seems that it cannot copy the temporary solution file to the solutions gallery ... do you have any idea what could cause this ?
    • Too few details to answer this question.