Exporting Log Analytics data to Blob Store Script.

This script is used to export data from LA to Blob with the intention that you can then use that data for ML modles. You need to follow the BLOG at https://www.borninthecloud.com/exporting-log-analytics-data-to-blob-store/Azure Log Analytics supports API for both ingestion and eg

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Windows Azure
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  • Does the script works for custom log sources as well ?
    1 Posts | Last post December 16, 2019
    • I have setup some custom log sources in my log analytics workspace and trying to archive those logs from the Poweshell script provided. There are only certain kusto queries I can run and get  the logs to archive but not all. For example: I am able to archive : "SecurityEvent | where EventID == 4688 | project TimeGenerated , Computer , EventID , ParentProcessName, ProcessId,  NewProcessName , NewProcessId"
      However when i try with query "Search *" or "Custom_log_source_CL", I recieve error. can you please help me to know how I can archive all the logs in log analytics workspace?