File package for Configuring WindowsRE with MDT 2012 Update 1

These are the script files for my blog post at describing how to create a custom recovery partition similar to OEM recovery partitions using MDT.Please read the post on how to use them.I’ve spent quite some time in refining the scripts that I

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  • ram disk error
    1 Posts | Last post January 19, 2015
    • Hi I'm trying to achieve the same type of thing that you have described, but when I implement your scripts I get an error about ram disk. If I then boot into windows the deployment continues and try's to find the recovery partition and get the mdt error creating an image of drive c: rc=2 
      If you could please asset
  • Any chance of making a version for MDT 2013?
    1 Posts | Last post January 12, 2015
    • Stephan,
      If you find the time and interest to make yet another version for MDT 2013 I'll be really greatful.
      I use this to deploy laptops for a school of ADD/ADHD students, and this have saved me a ton of work.
      As long as the students haven't reformatted (some does...) this is a real quick way to get back up and running.
      Sadly this doesn't work on windows 8.1 which are deployed at the moment.
  • Running off USB drive
    1 Posts | Last post April 16, 2014
    • Love this script set. We have remote offices everywhere that MPLS back to corporate so deploying over the network is a really bad idea, given that some of the connections are quite small.  Our best option is to install via standalone USB drives. 
      Only real problem I had that I had me rearranging the task sequence slightly was that the variable declaration for the RecoveryImagePath was setting the drive letter as D:\ which it is in WinPE.  Once Windows is installed, the CD/DVD drive takes the D:\ drive.
      Choices are I can move the CD/DVD to Z: (or some other such) or I can simply move the set task sequence variable to later after the install such as at the beginning of state restore.
  • 8.1 compatibility
    1 Posts | Last post November 07, 2013
    • Stephan,
      Great script set, saved a ton of time for us.
      With 8.1 this does not work, however, as 8.1 sysprep deletes WindowsRE folder from the recovery partition. Something tells me the recovery partition has to be type 0x27.
      Thus we venture into a 3-partition setup rather than 2-partition.
  • Can't get it to work
    1 Posts | Last post May 17, 2013
    • Your procedure looks very simple to setup but I'm having some issue getting it to work correctly.  After runing the script the os boots up to a login promp but I can't login with the administrator password. I have to run Dart7 to break the password. After I get logged in I find that the recovery drive(R)is not hidden and recovery folder is empty. There is a bootmgr file and a winre.tag however. I'm running Server 2008 r2 and MDT 2012 Update 1. 
  • XP Recovery Partition
    2 Posts | Last post April 22, 2013
    • Can this method be applied when creating recovery partition for windows xp custom image deployment if not please guide 
    • Officially no, this method is not usable.. And I personally have no experience to alter it to work for xp. However I do know that it's possible, I've had feedback of one of the people who downloaded my first version back for MDT2010, and they got it to work with Windows XP as well.
      Feel free to send me an email and I'll send you the files I've been given so you can try to implement it.