Find Web parts in SharePoint farm

the following powershell script will allow you to identify site collections where a given webpart is used. Very usefull during migrations when you have identified the web parts that cannot be upgraded and need to know where they are used.

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  • What do I use as the Web Part Name?
    1 Posts | Last post February 26, 2016
    • I've tried Title, DisplayTitle, even the ID, but can't find web parts that I know exist in my site.  If anybody has a clue, I would appreciate it :)
  • The script gives me the following error: "Invalid Scope parameter has been passed"
    1 Posts | Last post April 16, 2014
    • Already use for the scope the name of the webapp, and URL of the webapp too.
      How can I give the correct scope for the script?
  • Duplicate SPSite object creation.
    1 Posts | Last post August 13, 2012
    • The code does a foreach on the sites thus creating a SPSite object for reference already. Instead of passing the URL of that object to the next function and the recreating yet another version of the SPSite object from the URL, either pass a reference to the $site or more the sub function code up to the calling function. The creation of SPSite objects is very resource intensive and you'll see a major performance boost by eliminating the excess.