PowerShell script to periodically back up the Group Policy and documentation of version using HTML reports. Ideal as a scheduled task to perform regular backups of the GPO. Each backup creates a new subfolder with a time stamp.

Only the variable $path must be adjusted to the desired target directory, further changes are required.

The script does not require Administrative privileges. The script should be run with Administrative privileges, an entry is written to the event log.

More details in my german blog article at Inftrastrukturhelden.de: Gruppenrichtlinien richtig sichern und dokumentieren.

Update 1.3: impementing Error logging, switch backuppath to parameter, and parameter to delete backups older than X days.

Update 1.4: Minor bugfixes, Timetracking

Update 1.5: Digital Signature (Removed during StartSSL closure)

Update 1.55: Smaller Updates, Filtering GPO Names for unwanted Characters

Update 1.56: Fix Eventlog handling. Add additional Eventlog posibilities, for this I change and add EventIDs. Some fixes with the get-Help output

Update 1.58: Add CentralStore based backup for PolicyDefinition