After a major rewrite of the entire script, please find an updated description below:

This is a collection of games I have re-written to make more sleek and user friendly. I made the original collection of games (Version 4.1) on days when my life hit an usually low point #nofriends. You can probably imagine how amazing things are now that I've had time to go back and re-write the entire thing. JOY!

I am continuing the very minimalist approach as with text games, less is often more.

The games currently available are as follows:

  1. 1 to 10 Guess Game - The user has one try to guess a number between one and ten.
  2. 1 to 100 Guess Game - The user has unlimited attempts to find a number between one and one hundred with hints along the way.
  3. Verb Guessing Game - A word with all the vowels missing is displayed on the screen and the user is tasked with figuring out what the original word was.
  4. Multiplication Games - Multiplies two numbers together and shows one of these numbers and the result. The user then has to work out what the missing number is. Three version of this game exist. The numbers generated and multiplied together in each one ranges from one to ten, ten to twenty and twenty to one hundred. I decided against adding a timer because I'm lazy.
  5. Rock, Paper, Scissors - This is a classic and if you don't know where I'm going with this one, just leave. Probably the one I enjoyed making the most.
  6. QuickFire Counting - The user has to quickly read a word that is briefly displayed on screen and guess how many letters are in the word. This is timed, display the first word for one second and reducing the time it is displayed by thirty milliseconds for each correct answer.
  7. Blackjack - I really went to town on this game. The first version (In version 4.1 of this games collection) was HUGE! Really unnecessarily huge. I worked this one down to a much more efficient size and I'm almost proud of myself at the outcome.


As you might expect I have a main menu where the games can be selected from and a help menu which has been condensed. There is also a secret. But we don't talk about that...

You can always visit my site which has archives of my games as individual scripts and also some of the older game collections.