Generic Search of Active Directory

A PowerShell Version 1.0 script to search Active Directory. The program prompts for the base of the query, the LDAP syntax filter, and a comma delimited list of attribute values to retrieve. Results are in list or comma delimited format.

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Active Directory
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  • how to output to a file
    3 Posts | Last post February 06, 2017
    • Sorry if I missed it but I don't see how to output to a file
      I tried to use /csv -.\output.txt  but that didn't do it
    • Sorry I answered my own question...
      .\GenericSearch.ps1 /csv | Out-File 'C:\Documents and Settings\administrator\desktop\Powershell\Restult2.txt'
    • I would only add that you can also use the redirection character to redirect the output to a file. For example:
      .\GenericSearch.ps1 /csv > c:\Scripts\Report.csv