This script will query all of the computer accounts in domains you have access to and output the data to a .CSV file.  This was presented during the Brainstorm 16.0 conference in 2015. I hope this makes you very happy while you 'assess the situation'.

Requirements:  Active Directory Module for PowerShell  (Workstations will require the Remote Server Adminstration Tools (RSAT) in order to add the AD module)


Updated 2017-04-20 for the Minnesota Education System Center User Group as we learned some more about how powershell can help admins.

  - Better support for multiple domains - includes which domain the record came from.

  - Output file includes date/time the script was executed.

Updated 2018-01-29

  - Better error handling if the user doesn't have the AD module for PowerShell.

Updated 2019-02-25

  - Removes the "?" inserted for Vista and Server 2008 objects because of the (c) special character in the property.