It is always a chellenging task to query software updates in Configuration Manager and get the Software Updates along with the Size of each update, so when you create your software Update Group, you could plan ahead the size of such Update Group.

I worked on a SQL query that will accomplished that, and i integrate it to a PowerShell Script.

You have to supply the following to the PowerShell Script:

-StartDate : Filter updates from this date. Format is mm/dd/yyyy

-EndDate : Filter updates up to this date. Format is mm/dd/yyyy

-Path_to_CSV : path to the CSV generated output.

-SQLConnectionString : to connect to your Config Manager Database.



.\Get-CMSoftwareUpdateSize   -StartDate '2/1/2015/' -EndDate '1/1/2015' -path_to_Csv c:\ -SQLConnectionString ",1433;Database=CM_JFK;Trusted_Connection=True"


The script will generate two outputs:

- Grid view that you can use to view the output

-CSV file to do advance filtering.



Check my blog post for more information about this script