Viewing the TBXML file generated by Get-CsTopology -AsXml will generate a fatal error in Topology Builder, because the Meeting URL is missing - in fact, all the simple URLs are missing. More details in my blog post:

This PowerShell script pulls Get-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration, wraps its contents up in the right XML tags, then appends it to the result of Get-CsTopology -AsXml and outputs a text file containing a read-only topology, suitable for documentation or handing over to a consultant for reference. Make sure your filename has the .tbxml extension to be readable in Topology Builder. It has worked so far on my home lab and my company's real Lync environment. It does not implement Get-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration's -Tenant parameter.


    function Convert-CsSimpleUrlConfigurationToXMLText { 
        $GetCsSimpleUrlConfiguration = Get-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration 
        $SimpleUrlConfigurationOut = "" 
        $simpleUrlConfigurationOut +'<SimpleUrlConfiguration xmlns="urn:schema:Microsoft.Rtc.Management.Settings.SimpleUrl.2008" UseBackendDatabase="false">' 
        foreach ($simpleUrl in $GetCsSimpleUrlConfiguration.SimpleUrl) { 
            $SimpleUrlConfigurationOut +"<SimpleUrl Component=`"$($simpleUrl.Component)`" Domain=`"$($simpleUrl.Domain)`" ActiveUrl=`"$($simpleUrl.ActiveUrl)`">" 
            foreach ($simpleUrlEntry in $simpleUrl.SimpleUrlEntry) { 
                $SimpleUrlConfigurationOut +"<SimpleUrlEntry Url=`"$($simpleUrlEntry.Url)`" />" 
            $SimpleUrlConfigurationOut +"</SimpleUrl>" 
        $SimpleUrlConfigurationOut +'</SimpleUrlConfiguration>'