This version is v1.0 - 16th November 2019.



Get-RibbonSbcUptime.ps1 invokes a REST login to your Sonus/Ribbon SBC 1k/2k/SWe-Lite and reports how long it's been running: the CpuUptime.

It outputs either a timespan object to the pipeline, or a literal string in the same format the SBC displays on its System / Overview tab.




The minimum parameters are the SBC FQDN, the REST login name and REST password. An optional parameter is "-AsTimeString".


PS C:\>.\Get-RibbonSbcUptime.ps1 -SbcFQDN -RestLogin REST -RestPassword MyRe$tPwD -AsTimeString

If you fail to provide any of the required parameters, the script will prompt you for them.

The default output is a timespan object:

Days              : 2
Hours             : 20
Minutes           : 3
Seconds           : 10
Milliseconds      : 0
Ticks             : 2449900000000
TotalDays         : 2.83553240740741
TotalHours        : 68.0527777777778
TotalMinutes      : 4083.16666666667
TotalSeconds      : 244990
TotalMilliseconds : 244990000

If you add the "-AsTimeString" switch the script will output a literal version of the uptime, in the same format as the SBC shows on its System/Overview tab:

3 days, 20 hrs, 4 mins, 48 secs


If you're automating this script, you can capture its output into a variable to review in subsequent handling. If you ARE doing this, make sure you add the "-SkipUpdateCheck" switch, otherwise an update to the script will derail the automation:

PS C:\> $SbcUptime = (.\Get-RibbonSbcUptime.ps1 -SbcFQDN -RestLogin REST -RestPassword P@ssw0rd1 -Verbose -SkipUpdateCheck)

Known Issue

SBC firmware versions prior to v8.0.3 have a known bug: the CpuUptime reports zero. This is not a problem with the script. If the script reports zero but system/Overview reports an expected value, you'll need to update the SBC's firmware.

Revision History

1.0 - 16th November 2019.



- G.