PowerShell script that uses the MICROSOFT_IPMI WMI class to get the IP, MAC and Subnet addresses from the OOBM device in spite of the manufacturer, useful for hardware inventories. Get the IP and MAC from HP iLOs, Dell iDRACs, Fujitsus'iRMCs, IBM's IMM etc.

This was modified version with added features based on Michael Albert's original script: http://michlstechblog.info/blog/windows-read-the-ip-address-of-a-bmc-board/

1) From PowerShell as Admin, cd to script's path and run Get-OOBMIP.ps1                
2) A .txt file will prompt, enter a list of hosts, IP's or FQDN's of remote machines               
3) Find results in console and csv file report

For more information check: https://tech.mavericksevmont.com/blog/get-servers-oobm-ip-ilo-idrac-irmc-etc-remotely-with-powershell/