There are a wide variety of types available for you to play with in PowerShell.  These don't give you the same task-based familiarity of PowerShell Cmdlets, but they give you enormous flexibility and power beyond the confines of Cmdlets.

This function will list all exported types in the current session, allowing you to filter on module, assembly, fullname, namespace, basetype, and whether a type is an enum.

Note: I believe I found and expanded this code, but I can't recall who or where I found it.  My apologies for missing the attribution!

Example - Find the full name of all enums in your current session:

Example - Find types exported by a web service:

Example - Find types that might relate to SQL according to a fullname filter:


#Add Get-Type to your session:   
    . "\\Path\To\Get-Type.ps1"   
#Get help for Get-Type   
    Get-Help Get-Type -Full   
#List the full name of all Enums in the current session 
    Get-Type -IsEnum | 
        Select -ExpandProperty FullName | 
        Sort -Unique 
#Connect to a web service and list all the exported types         
    #Connect to the web service, give it a namespace we can search on 
        $uri = "http://www.webservicex.net/globalweather.asmx?wsdl" 
        $w = New-WebServiceProxy -uri $uri -Namespace GlobalWeather 
    #Search for the namespace 
        Get-Type -NameSpace GlobalWeather