This script retrieves a a full list of Skype for Business on-premises PowerShell cmdlet including the Synopsis help description and a link the online TechNet help for that cmdlet (if it exists).

The script produces a nice HTML report of all the available SfBO cmdlet’s using a fantastic name “ReportHTML” by Matthew Quickenden (See PowerShell module called Generate HTML Reports by Matthew Quickenden to get this module), and also outputs all the cmdlet information to a local CSV file.

Some notes on using this script:

- It can take a long time (~10 minutes) to finish – why? The script is calling Get-Help on every cmdlet it finds to get the description and links to online help. This can take awhile.

- Make sure you have the ReportHTML module installed to make the HTML reporting work.

- If you are in a SfB hybrid configuration, the OverrideAdminDomain parameter in the New-CSOnlineSession call will likely be required for the remote SfBO session to be established. See the nodes in the script.

The script if fully documented here: http://blog.insidelync/com/2017/03/generating-a-list-of-available-skype-for-business-cmdlets-help-information