Get event logs (sys/sec/app) from the last N-day into a single HTML5 file v6.2

This script will query Windows Event logs and bring one html file for each event log (System/Application), for security add the switch "AddSecurity". During the last N days (default 3) will bring the warnings,errors during that period of time,frequency,start and end dates events

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  • Only need FailureAudit logs for security
    2 Posts | Last post March 19, 2018
    • Hello,
      How can I do if I only need FailureAudit logs in security?
      I changed line 262 to  $Log=Get-EventLog -Computername $computer -LogName "$LogName" -EntryType FailureAudit -After (Get-Date).Adddays(-$Days) | select *
      I can see 1 record when script running "Attaching new properties to Security Events. Total Number of items in Log: 1"
      but no security logs in html file
    • I will implement those in a switch in the next version I'll be delivering on the weekend.