Get the location of an object in the console via PowerShell

This script contains a function that gets the location of an object in the console. It will simply output the folder location on screen.

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  • Did you know that an InstanceKey can have multiple objects associated?
    1 Posts | Last post February 14, 2018
    • This was not a problem with your script per se, which I thank you for, but a problem in my enironment I presume. I ran into two objects that for some odd reason shared the same InstanceKey in the SMS_ObjectContainerItem class. One was a SMS_PAckage object that the PackageID matched the InstanceKey and one was a SMS_Query object where the InstanceKey did not match the QueryID. To work around the issue I ran the $ContainerNode variable through a foreach loop executing the rest of your code, and writing out the Object type.  No longer and issue in CM CB since ObjectPath is a property. Your script helped me move imported items that I could not include in a migration job.