DMARC - Harvest DMARC Report files from mailbox and generate HTML Reports v2.3

!!! Important , Update to version 2.3 as the GEO API used in older versions is depricated !!!Many customers I visit ask me: Do you know a good tool to generate DMARC reports? Do they have support for PowerBI?And the answer is always the same: Sorry I don’t know a end to end repor

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  • Shared Mailbox
    6 Posts | Last post February 14, 2018
    • hello, 
      could I use this when the dmarc mailbox is a shared mailbox? 
      greetings from Budapest
    • Yes you can , It supports any exchange version of 2007 and higher or O365 hosted mailbox.
      You just need credentials to connect to the mailbox and pass them in to the script parameters or use the scripts buildin secure password functionality to store the credentials.
      look at the scripts get-help for examples
    • I had an issue connecting to a shared mailbox.  I think I tracked it down to this line,  #969,  where you are re-binding to the Inbox folder but not specifying the shared mailbox name (so the script was connecting to my personal mailbox).
      This issue may be unique to my case because I modified the script to use my default/process-level credentials (no password entry/management required) but connect to the shared mailbox we use for DMARC reports.
      # Original 968-969
      $dmarcsourcefoldername = [Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.WellKnownFolderName]::Inbox
      $dmarcsourceFolder = [Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.Folder]::Bind($EWSconnection,$dmarcsourcefoldername) 
      # Proposed 968-969 (just re-use the folder reference we originally acquired at line 875)
      $dmarcsourceFolder = $folder
    • thx for this feedback, 
      I will check this and if needed update the script
    • H Kelley,  
      You are right, I have found the root cause of the bug and I am fixing it in the new version about to be released. 
    • this is fixed in version 1.3
  • Occasional System.Object[] instead of hostname returned for sourcedomain
    3 Posts | Last post February 14, 2018
    • I haven't determined the pattern yet, but I sometimes get System.Object[] instead of a valid hostname for the reverse lookup column.  For example,
      This is a bit puzzling because I get only one response when I perform the PTR lookup myself.
      Name     :
      Type     : PTR
      TTL      : 78067
      Section  : Answer
      NameHost :
    78152 IN    PTR
    • hi Kelly, 
      thx for sharing,  This is in deed something I observed in the alpha versions but I haven't seen it in the release version anymore. 
      Are you willing to share some information with me via mail. So I can look into it. 
      You can contact me @
    • this is fixed in version 1.3
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