It is a common saying that an image speaks a thousand words. If you are setting up an online property, whether it is a blog or an e-commerce website, maybe a site for your company, the image content can make or break the design. Pictures are more likely to evoke an emotion from the viewer in a shorter period of time compared to text.

Backbone of Visual Marketing

From a marketing point of view, images are indispensable. From social media to websites, images are needed for increased visibility. For other forms of marketing like MMS alerts, posters, brochures and presentations too, good high-resolution images are an important prerequisite. It is believed that videos and, images help people retain information longer.  If you have a twitter handle and are looking for a larger number of views, adding an image to your tweet is likelier to get 150% more retweets than a non-image tweet.

A staggering 93% of the most engaging Facebook posts are pictures. So if you want to increase your number of followers and likes, squeeze a picture into your promotions and posts.

Business Listings

There are times when you need to list your business on a third party platform and there are many rules to follow to set up a business listing. Word descriptions no matter how well done, are restrictive. You also have to keep descriptions brief as the attention span of the average site user is very short. Add to that the competition offering similar services. This is where images are very important. A nice photo of a juicy burger or of a neat banquet can do wonders for your restaurant or hotel. File images are also used to represent your services – be it an accountant’s firm or home electronics repair. You can also use pictures for guest post on popular blogs.

Find Top Images at Low Prices

Hiring photographers can be an expensive affair, especially if you are looking for general images that represent the mood of the page rather than actual products to display. At the same time, you cannot break copyright laws by using a random image you like on the internet. Most images require a royalty payment to the photographer or owner. To save costs, many designers or business owners use royalty free photos for their websites or service listings. There are plenty to choose from and they come at a very low cost.

Extra Tips

There are some pointers you need to keep in mind when choosing stock images. Choose vectors or pictures with color themes that compliment your website or listing. Stay away from clichéd images. Try to have an indirect representation of your service through the image. Images with living things tend to have more reactions than those portraying non-sentient objects. Many people tend to spend the least time while going through stock photos, as they are looking for the cheapest picture. If this image will be an integral part of your online presence through SEO for some time to come, it is better to spend more time and pick the one that speaks your message best – even if it comes at a slightly higher cost for seo reseller