Are you an entrepreneur or a CEO of a big company? In any case, you are most probably leaning towards the decision to create your own messenger to increase the sales or become active in the mobile environment. Building your own messaging app can increase your company’s revenue and help you establish closer relationships with your customers. 


A number of modern companies have started promoting their businesses via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. That’s not a big deal; you can easily build your own WhatsApp. But there is a dilemma: to create your own messenger or choose the white labeling option. 


What steps must you take to build your own messenger? 

1. The idea

First of all, you should decide what you need and why you want to have your own WhatsApp. You must do your research and understand how your own app can help your business grow and what kind of problems it will solve. 


2. The features

Start brainstorming! You need to come up with original ideas. Decide what kind of features are supposed to be in your messenger. Once you made your mind, describe everything in details to help the developers build the messaging app of your dreams. 


3. The design

Now, give some time to designers to work their magic. The interface of the app is one of the most important aspects of the messaging app creation process. Make sure to provide an easy-to-use navigation and design. 


4. The team

Even if you have the best ideas, you still need to find talented developers and designers to realize your ideas. Of course, this means spending some time training them and paying for their quality work. 


5. Testing

When your messaging app is ready, you need to start testing. The app must be working properly, it should be visually appealing and modern. Test your app and gather information to improve the imperfections. 


6. Launching

If you have tested everything and you are 100% sure that you have eliminated all the bugs, then you are set to go. Cross your fingers and share your messaging app with the World. 


7. Improving

Keep on improving your messenger and implementing new features or updates. It is important to follow and respond to the feedbacks from the users. 

What steps must you take if you opt for Zangi White Label solution? 


Don’t we all want everything to be done as soon as possible with minimum efforts? If you want to build your own WhatsApp, choosing Zangi White Label solution means you can get your business-ready messaging app in a short time-to-market. In this case, you escape any risks during the development process and pay an incomparably small amount of money. 


So, you have to undertake only two actions: 


1. The idea

You come up with the idea and you lay out all the features you planned for your messaging app. If you run out of ideas, Zangi team will offer you a number of unique concepts. 


2. Contact Zangi

Once you have made up your mind, contact Zangi team, and they will take care of the rest. It is simple as that! No need to worry about making mistakes. They are responsible for the entire development process, but once the app is ready, you will have the logo of your company on it. Here you go; now you have your own WhatsApp. 


It is up to you to take the longest or the shortest way. Yet, it is beneficial both for you and your business to go for Zangi White Labeling solution.