How to add a Bing Maps Key to a SharePoint Online Site Collection

This script allows to add a Bing Maps Key (required for geolocalization fields) in a SharePoint Online site collection using the Client Side Object Model (CSOM). The script  defines a function that receives the SharePoint Online site Url and the Bing Maps Key as key parameters to

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  • Key is added but still showing invalid credentials message
    1 Posts | Last post August 09, 2017
    • The key is added to the site collection but it still showing the invalid credentials message.
      I've tried this API with our key and it does return the data and if the key is not right then it returns "Invalid Credentials" message.,145.052297?o=xml&key="Bing Maps Key"
      I've also tried the following to see if the key is added and it does works fine.
      Any Idea? Thanks